Kavita Parmar


Born in Gorakhpur, India, Kavita Parmar, the company's creative director began working in fashion since she was very young. By 1994, she had already worked as a design freelancer for brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Romeo Gigli, DKNY Donna Karan and Escada. By the age of 22 she acquired the license for India of the U.S. Brand Osh Kosh B Gosh, she opened 14 stores, and sold the business two years later.

By 1999, Kavita had in mind to become a designer in her own right. In 2000, while traveling in Spain she reached out to the owners of Madrid's high end retail store, Ekseption. She showed them a suitcase full of ideas, and with their first order, she launched her brand, which she named Raasta, which in Hindi means "the way."

By 2002, the brand had reached into over 50 of the best retail locations in Spain, including Scooter, L'habilleur, Chocolate and Piedmont in Madrid. In 2005 Raasta was present at several international fairs including Tranoi and Atmosphere (Paris) and continued its reach into the International retail market, and began exploring online locations such as Net-a-Porter.

In 2005, Kavita, decided to create a new line of sexy, sophisticated evening wear under a new brand named Suzie Wong. In less than a year, the brand had managed to break into the U.S. Market in department stores such as Nordtroms, and in New York boutiques like Jirisuda, Honey in the Rough, Malgosia (in Los Ángeles). Other stores in Asia such as Seibu followed suit. During the summer of that year, Raasta is invited to participate in the "Labo Créa" of Galeries Lafayette in the summer collection 07.

Raasta's established its own manufacturing facility in India which today employs over 100 people who ensure the quality and excellence in the the detailed embroidery characteristic of Rasta's style.

In 2006 the company's two brands, Raasta and Suzie Wong were brought under an umbrella company named Maison Raasta.

Growth continued in 2008. The company was again present in several international fairs such as Bread & Butter (Barcelona), Mode Fabriek (Amsterdam), Who's Next, Paris Sur Mode (Paris). The company was invited to participate in Premium (Berlin). Retail locations continued to expand bringing the company's products to boutiques such as Shop & Trade in Greece and Villa Moda in Kuwait. Raasta Gallery participates in Copenhagen, D & A New York, In March 2008, Maison Raasta staged its first runway show of the Suzie Wong collection. Held at the Teatro Lara in Madrid, the show was attended by over 300 people.

In June 2009 Maison Raasta opened its first store, Raasta the seed in one of the most emblematic shopping streets in Madrid of the city, the Callejon de Jorge Juan. Today Raasta and Suzie Wong collections are sold in have over 180 locations in 21 countries.

In spring 2011, Maison Raasta will launch "The IOU Project" aimed at younger audiences who have increasigly turned to the internet for fashion. The project also seeks to challenges the way in which the fashion business conducts its business.

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